Anthony and BTA were great! The music had a decidedly Southern Gospel-inspirational-CCM "feel" though I am not saying it is truly in any one certain genre. I characterize it as Brian Free meets 4 Him meets Backstreet Boys! What an incredible combination, and audiences will love the group and the music! They have a wonderful future ahead of them. I appreciate the heart and passion for HIS music"
Charles Dorris
William Morris Agency
Nashville, TN

"Every so often a group will surface with the earmarking of 'the next big thing.' Anthony Facello and Beyond the Ashes IS that group! With passionate vocals and pristine harmonies, Anthony, Justin and Joe are poised to be the face and sound of gospel music’s next generation of premiere artistry. And the wonderful thing is their hearts are as big as their talent!”
Tim Marshall
Sr. Vice President 
Word Entertainment
Nashville, TN

Talented, exceptionally professional, and spiritually sensitive are only a few descriptions of "Beyond the Ashes". These boys have abnormal voice ranges that are amazing and unbelievable. The congregation of our church beg for their return. Our welcome mat will always be out for "Beyond the Ashes"! Truly a group easy to work with, respectful of the churches expectations, encouraging to the congregation with a passion for souls! All age groups seem to fall in love with both the personality and witness of these fine men.
Pastor Larry Dyer
Fairview Christian Community Church
Princeton, WV
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