From the album Treasure's Unseen Tracks


1st Verse :
Is there a mountain that stands in your way are you disheartened while trying to pray
The enemy tells you its to no avail no matter your faith you will never prevail
But you’re not defeated with God your side in answer prayer know that he’ll turn the tide.

Pray when it looks like the Heavens are brass pray when petition seems too much to ask when hope is all gone and your back’s to the wall get down on your knees and your mountains will fall take courage and look up to Heaven today miracles happen whenever we pray, miracles whenever we pray

2nd Verse :
Are burdens too heavy just to great to bare helpless you cry to your Father in prayer
He sees your tears when they fall in the night He’ll lift those burdens and make your load light
Reach out and touch Him He’s waiting right there His ears are attentive to His children’s prayer

Repeat Chorus Twice

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