From the album Treasure's Unseen Tracks


1st Verse:
He was the youngest of eight brothers, not as big as you’d expect, if you wanted grand and kingly, he’s not the one that you’d select. God sees the heart, oh God sees the heart, but the old man took the oil to anoint a king that day and I guess if you would ask him I guess that he would say

God sees the heart when others see an ordinary woman or man. He’s dreaming bigger dreams than we could ever understand, yet He loves us just the way we are, God sees the heart

2nd Verse:
You say you’re not the best or brightest, not at all what you should be. You don’t know what to offer that a mighty God could need, but God sees the heart, oh my God sees the heart. You see something that is precious, something only you could give. And He knows how He wants to use the life you live

Repeat Chorus

Bridge – My God sees the heart, In our weakness and failures He’s find possibilities, if we only saw each other how God sees x 2

Repeat Chorus x 2

Words & Music by Ernie Haase, Benji Gaither, & Sue C. Smith
New Spring/Universal Music-Z Tunes, Hook Line & Music Publishing (ASCAP), Ernie Sig Sound Music (BMI)

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